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Intelcan has been involved in the development and implementation of Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems since 1997 in partnership with Oracle Telecomputing Inc. (OTI). Intelcan successfully delivered ATM systems internationally while OTI implemented ATM systems and ATM-related products within the North American market. Intelcan acquired a major stake in OTI in 2003 and increased its ownership to 100% in 2013.

In 2009, Intelcan’s next generation ATM system was branded SKYCONTROL ATM. While SKYCONTROL ATM is a relatively new product name on the international market, it is the latest version of the same ATM systems delivered previously by both Intelcan and OTI. With a wealth of experience behind it, SKYCONTROL ATM continues to evolve to meet the modern needs of air traffic management.


SKYCONTROL ATM SKYCONTROL (ATM) is Intelcan’s state-of-the-art digital air traffic management system. The SKYCONTROL ATM has a solid track record with deployments in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Indonesia, managing traffic in Oceanic FIR, Enroute, Approach, Terminal and Tower.

SKYCONTROL ATM is a configurable LINUX based system with multi-radar tracking capabilities and a fully automated flight plan processing system, consisting of radar and flight plan servers running on COTS hardware.

Whether purchased as a standalone product or integrated with Intelcan’s SKY series CNS/ATM product suite, SKYCONTROL ATM is a unique solution that is flexible and scalable to meet any civil or defense ATM requirements.