CNS/ATM Products / Communication
Intelcan’s ICAO and Eurocontrol compliant SKYCOM suite consists of an Aeronautical Message handling System (AMHS), Digital Automatic Terminal Information Service, (D-ATIS) - C, Recording and Replay systems and a Global Positioning System (GPS) Master Clock. These SKYCOM products are configurable for integration with Intelcan’s SKY suite of CNS/ATM products or to compliment other industry systems.


SKYCOM AMHS SKYCOM AMHS - Aeronautical Message Handling System.
SKYCOM AMHS can be configured to suit the any requirements whether configuring an existing AFTN system or implementing a complete AMHS system.




Some key features include:

  • Fully redundant hardware/software system
  • Fault tolerant open architecture design
  • Functions as an AFTN switch and/or gateway
  • Conducts bi-directional AMHS - AFTN message conversion
  • Receives, displays and generates aeronautical messages from AMHS or AFTN destinations for the users of NOTAM, AIS Data Bank, and Flight Plan System.
  • AFTN and AMHS messages syntax validation and error correction
  • Nearly 100 percent service availability


SKYCOM D-ATIS SKYCOM D-ATIS -Digital Automatic Terminal Information System.
SKYCOM D-ATIS automatically broadcasts mission-critical messages without requiring intervention by air control tower personnel, improving air safety and efficiency. Supporting text to speech and data link, messages are easily updated and clearly audible.



SKYSYNC Master Clock

SKYSYNC Master Clock SKYSYNC Master Clock.
SKYSYNC Master Clock is an easily configurable Stratum 1 network time server and time distribution system. Features include:




  • Synchronizing with an external time provider through a 12 channel Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or a serial interface
  • Synchronizing with an external NTP server
  • Provide time in standard protocol outputs (NTP, IRIG) and electrical format
  • Provide the Time signal in ACSII text
  • Ability to receive information from one or more satellites
  • Equipped with a backup power supply


SKYREMOTE RCMS SKYREMOTE RCMS - Remote Control Monitoring System.
SKYREMOTE RCMS is Intelcan’s third generation RCMS. The system provides users with full control and monitoring capability of all of their mission critical systems. SKYREMOTE RCMS has an integrated data acquisition and control system that expands the functionality of previous generation products. This system contains flexible network configurations, allowing multiple sites to be monitored from multiple locations.