CNS/ATM Products / Surveillance
Intelcan continues to improve its surveillance technologies in order to benefit from the latest technologies and ensure its MSSR, PSR, ADS-B and MLAT solutions are the most modern in the market today.


SKYSURV MSSRThe SKYSURV MSSR can easily be configured from basic to enhanced,by incorporating processing modules and software upgrading functionality:




  • Operates in standardized 1, 2, 3/A, B, C, D modes of interrogation (SIF modes)
  • Mode S UF11 all-call interrogation or intermode 3/A/S and C/S
  • Mode S surveillance system - elementary Mode-S interrogation capabilities, mode-S roll-call messages
  • Mode S Level 2 and 5 - enhanced Mode S surveillance system with static scenario


SKYSURV PSRSKYSURV PSR - Primary Surveillance Radar
The SKYSURV PSR has enhanced system stability and superior clutter suppression to minimize false reports while maintaining excellent target detection up to a range of 90NM and enables superior target accuracy and resolution.



The PSR’s configuration includes:

  • A channel for weather processing in the airspace and standby channels with automatic switchover controlled by a system-level watchdog circuit
  • The data output format uses standardized ASTERIX data; however, other data formats can be implemented
  • A sophisticated remote control and monitoring system allows for unattended operation

SKYSURV ADS-B SKYSURV ADS-B and MLAT - Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast, and Multilateration.
The SKYSURV ADS System is a turnkey system which provides a comprehensive ground system capability to supplement the SKYSURV PSR/MSSR radar surveillance, supporting the delivery of air traffic services in the four surveillance areas: En route, Terminal, Precision Runway Monitoring, and Surface. It can also be used as a stand-alone surveillance in the wider area environment of a Flight Information Region (FIR).

Data output by the System will be communicated to Intelcan's SKYCONTROL ATM, or any standard-compliant ATM. It is presented to controllers in a manner similar to the presentation of radar data. The data will also be used in safety net automation (alerts) for the air traffic controllers such as Short Term Conflict Alert, Danger Area Infringement Warning (DIAW), and clearance Conformance monitoring.